Thursday, September 23, 2010


Prada's models had a super sleek fingerwave and double-bun look with a side part. I liked how the fingerwaves were done tastefully (and skillfully) without dramatic ridges; they're subtle. The buns at the back seemed a little haphazard and rushed, like they just twisted excess hair into big structured knots.

The makeup was kept very minimal, a metallic pale blue shadow covering the entire lid and extending up to the brow.

The makeup and hair didn't coordinate very smoothly, I felt like a sleek look is befitting but not this particular look. Prada's collection, however, was very bold and brazen so I feel like the beauty took the backseat here.

More pictures below.


  1. That hair is pretty incredible. I wonder how long it took. o___o

    I'm really loving the front waves on the bangs.