Friday, September 24, 2010


Versace's look was a juxtaposition of ultra-modern industrial and romantic simplicity today. Hair was super slicked back into a bun disguised with a shiny black covering that was both futuristic and romantically ornate. While it was a very simple style, I really thought it was an innovative approach to a low bun and decorating it. I think this look could also be achieved by any type of cloth and simply tying it around the bun. From afar, it looks like a withered neo-goth flower.

The makeup was kept natural and romantic with light blush for contour and natural mahogany eyeshadow with clear glossed lips. It counteracted the hairstyle well, it wasn't an overdose of modern severity.

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At Fendi, we witnessed a simple style: thick, straightened hair and neon pink lips. Some models received glued-in tracks for additional thickness.

The makeup was kept light and minimal, a simple Chanel pink lip color was applied. It's a really beautiful look for any girl: fresh, glowing skin and a bright lip.

I've actually been trying to convince my friend to get extensions for thickness just to see how it'd look as her hair is pretty thin. She's naturally golden blonde so while matching up shouldn't be too hard, blondes need to take extra caution to avoid a color mismatch.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Prada's models had a super sleek fingerwave and double-bun look with a side part. I liked how the fingerwaves were done tastefully (and skillfully) without dramatic ridges; they're subtle. The buns at the back seemed a little haphazard and rushed, like they just twisted excess hair into big structured knots.

The makeup was kept very minimal, a metallic pale blue shadow covering the entire lid and extending up to the brow.

The makeup and hair didn't coordinate very smoothly, I felt like a sleek look is befitting but not this particular look. Prada's collection, however, was very bold and brazen so I feel like the beauty took the backseat here.

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